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Are You a Dog Person?

If you are considering getting a cute little puppy for yourself, you’ve probably wondered, “Am I a dog person or not?” You may have also completed some kind of online survey to determine whether you are a dog person or a cat person. Well! You’re not the only one who thinks this way.

All pet owners prefer to know ahead of time which pet is right for them. In fact, many scientists and researchers are working on ways to match the personalities of pets and their owners. These new methods for pairing owners with future pets may help to solve the problem of homeless and abandoned animals.

Sometimes, people tend to check whether they are dog or cat people simply out of curiosity. Apart from dogs and cats, some people are better suited to having other pets such as rabbits or monkeys. A bird, fish, or reptile might also be a good match for one’s personality. The majority of online polls for this purpose are built on the hypothesis that a pet’s personality is more likely to be similar to that of its owner. Your pet may be able to reveal a lot about your own personality.

Assessing One’s Personality for a Pet

Personalities of dog people have certain traits that are particularly associated with dog ownership. As of their research, Ph.D. scholar and psychologist Sam Gosling and his colleagues at the University of Texas, Austin, conducted an online quiz to identify the pet preferences of different people. The findings were based on many aspects of people’s personalities that indicated which animal is better suited to one person as compared to another.

The easiest way to assess a person’s personality, according to Gosling, is to inquire whether he prefers a dog or a cat. The survey made it clear that cat people tended to prefer alone time. They were more neurotic and introverted as compared to dog people. Cat owners were compassionate and broad-minded. On IQ tests, a cat person could perform better than a dog person. People who love cats were free thinkers as well. In comparison, people who prefer dogs were almost contrary to them. They were more responsible, active, and outgoing.

Personality Traits of a Dog Person

Let’s find out more about the personality traits of a dog person so that you can decide by yourself whether you are a dog person or a cat person.

(Infographic of all traits in the end)


The most important difference between cat people and dog people lies in socialization. Cat people are often introverted, self-contained, cautious of others, and prefer remaining aloof. On the contrary, dog people are extroverts and outgoing. They are the life and soul of the party.

A large group of people doesn’t make them uncomfortable. In fact, they can draw the attention of a large crowd towards themselves due to their interactive nature and effective communication skills. This pleasant aspect of their personalities makes them recognized by others more readily.


Dog people are open and agreeable. They welcome the opinions of others wholeheartedly and accept if they are wrong. If you ask them a question that they don’t know, they will humbly accept that they don’t know the answer. They will not try to impose an incorrect idea of theirs upon others. They try to avoid arguments at any cost.

For this purpose, they accept others’ opinions even if they know that others are wrong. For example; tell them that you’ve seen a dinosaur in real life. Instead of making fun of yours, their response will be like, “Oh really? How big it was?” Unlike cat people, they are not cautious around others.


People who love dogs tend to be tough-minded and strong. They can accept a situation more readily as compared to cat people. They keep their emotions aside and try to focus on the situation with all their nerves. The tough-mindedness of a dog person is also the reason why he can handle even the worst circumstances in a better way than others.

On the contrary, a cat person is neurotic and becomes emotional easily. He gets stressed in no time and begins to worry over the slightest problems.

Inexhaustible and Energetic

A pooch may want to try all sorts of new things. He cannot stay home for long because his preference will be to run around and play. Obviously, exercise is also necessary for his health. Therefore, it’s natural for a dog person to be more energetic since he can’t stand still and watch his furry friend playing around alone.

The dog will certainly want his human companion to play with him. Therefore, the dog people really need to be inexhaustible and lively as they will be taking their dogs outside for walks, playing and running around with them, and chatting with all others present outside.


The dog is a social animal regardless of its breed, this is also the reason why it makes a perfect pet. Just like dogs, dog people are sociable and can interact with new people in a better way. Whether it’s a social gathering or any new place, they can make new friends in no time.

They like to live in the company of others. Such an individual always prefers a friend by his side, whether it be a person or a dog. Even if he’s normally quiet, he becomes playful and talkative in the company of others.


They say that the personality of a dog tends to reflect the personality of its owner. This isn’t just a tentative statement, in fact, it is backed up by different studies. In view of this, there is no comparison to a dog when it comes to affection and faithfulness. It is known as the “man’s best friend”. No matter how the dog owner treats him, a dog never leaves his owner. If you show him affection, he will return it to you.

Just like how a dog loves to show affection to others, a dog person would like to be affectionate to his family and friends. He shows love to other people and pets as well. A dog person is typically selfless, humble, and concerned about the well-being of others.


A dog person is a paragon of conscience. He has a strong sense of responsibility and duty. He is the kind of person who follows moral principles and practices general rules in his life. You know, the one who sleeps early at night and wakes up early the next morning, that kind of person.

Unlike a cat person, he prefers a structured routine over an irregular one. In addition to being responsible, the dog people are also excellent planners as well. If they expect something unpleasant to happen in the future, they plan for it ahead of time.

Enjoys Companionship

Companionship is something that a dog person enjoys. You must have seen dog people who always prefer keeping their dogs beside themselves, no matter what they do. They don’t want to be alone and love to make beautiful memories with their loved ones, whether it’s another person or a dog. A dog person himself may be the ideal life companion for anyone as he has a heart filled with love and generosity.


Your nature is the reflection of your pet’s preference. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person is determined by certain traits of your personality. Since dogs and their owners share similar natures, dog persons are extroverts and outgoing. They agree with others to avoid arguments. They tend to enjoy the company of others. They are responsible and conscientious. Just like dogs, dog owners are full of energy and enthusiasm.

If you think you have all or most of these qualities in yourself, you are most probably a dog person. Now you may go and bring a cute little puppy home, you’ll be perfect for him, just like he is for you.

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